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The new lighting in Hartwall Arena


The new lighting in Hartwall Arena, which is the home arena of KHL team Jokerit Helsinki, is provided by Easy LED and consists of nearly 100 BUBO® B3 high power LED luminaires. In addition to being brighter, the new lighting system has a dimming option and is also faster to operate with instant on/off. Along with the luminaires, the arena’s lighting control system was updated to DMX standard. This enables controlling of the lighting scenes from multiple control points.

In the limelight
The new lighting system is designed to meet the lighting guidelines of the KHL. This requires for example high light output for television broadcasting and flicker free technology needed for high-speed cameras to provide slow motion instant replays. BUBO® shines in both these requirements. The lighting in Hartwall Arena is almost double as bright as the older generation lighting used in most ice arenas and the high quality LED-technology allows for crystal clear high detail picture for television.

Controlling the lights on the go
The digital DMX (Digital MultipleX) lets users control lighting from several different control points. This is especially useful in a multi-function arena that hosts a range of different functions every week. If the light operator doesn’t have access to a DMX lighting console the pre-set light modes can also be activated