Easy Sport

Lighting solution for ensuring uniform and pleasant light for all multi-purpose hall users; for players, concert performers, audiences and photographers. Lighting design is based on the guidelines set by the users/sports associations and considers demands set by televised events.


The system is controlled by a Dali and/or DMX system, which enables settings for different lighting circumstances and lighting changes from several control points in different parts of the hall. This is useful in a multi-purpose hall in which events vary several times during a single week. At the control points, which do not have lighting consoles, pre-set lighting settings can be operated from the control panels installed to the DMX system. At its simplest, this is implemented in sports halls and indoor ice rinks as a Dali system with panel buttons.


Helsinki Halli

Main usage: multi-functional indoor arena
Place: Helsinki
Installation height: 20 m
Lx: 2500 lx/3800 lx
CRI: > 90
CCT: 5700 K
Flicker Free: yes
Control: DALI/DMX
Luminaire BUBO B3 104 pcs.
Installation year: 2018