Easy LED – PICA is an energy-efficient luminaire for many applications. The low flicker index ensures comfortable working…

Easy LED in Portugal

One of our first sport lighting projects in Portugal completed. The efficient sports lighting provides flicker free light…

Our Production is in Full Swing

Dear clients and partners, we want to take good care of our employees and partners and we are…

Easy LED Conquers Germany

Netzhoppers HW-Bestensee of the volleyball Bundesliga received new lighting for their home arena in February of 2020. After…

Easy LED lighting solutions shine in every use.

Rovaniemi – raw wood terminal

Place: Rovaniemi
Installation height: 30 m
Lx: 20 lx
CRI: 70
CCT: 5000 K
Flicker Free: yes
Control: on/off
Luminaires: BUBO B2 
Installation year: 2020

Port of Karlskrona, Sweden

Place: Karlskrona, Sweden
Installation height: 10 – 24 m
Lx: 7, 13 ja 46 lx
CRI: 70 
CCT: 4000K
Control: C2
Luminaires: BUBO B1 & B1G and PRO Flow S
Installation year:  2019

Umåker horse racing track

Place: Röbäck, Sweden
Installation height: 15 m
Lx: 750 lx/450 lx
CRI: > 90
CCT: 5700 K
Flicker Free: yes
Control: DALI
Luminaires: BUBO B1, B2 ja B3
Installation year: 2020

Myötätuuli Arena

Main usage: ball games
Place: Ilmajoki
Installation height: indirect lighting
Lx: 350 lx
CRI: 72
CCT: 5000 K
Flicker Free: yes
Luminaires: Bubo B1G
Installation year: 2020

Savonlinna ice hall

Main usage: ice hockey
Place: Savonlinna
Installation height: 7,6 m
LX: 1200 lx
CRI: > 80
CCT: 5000 K
Flicker Free: kyllä
Control: Helvar 910
Luminaires: PRO+ 8Xi
Installation year: 2020

Leseberg oldtimer garage, Hamburg

Place: Hamburg, Germany
Installation height: 3 m
Lx: 200 lx
CRI: > 80
CCT: 4000 K
Control: DALI
Luminaires: Saloa S15e
Installation year: 2020

Pemamek Oy, production hall

Place: Loimaa
Installation heights: 8 m, 12 m and 14 m
Luxes: 550 lux on operation platform
CRI: 70
CCT:  6000K
Luminaires: PRO 8X and PRO 6X
Installation years: 2016 and 2017

Meyer Turku Shipyard, dry dock

Place: Turku
Installation height: 15,5 m
LX: 200- 300 lx
CRI: 72
CCT: 4000 K
Flicker Free: yes
Control: C2 Smartlight
Luminaires: Bubo B1
Installation year: 2019

Easy LED’s four-step service concept

Our professional staff will assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your needs. The easy process has four steps:


  • lighting and control requirements of the site
  • measurement and mapping of the site
  • special needs
  • compatibility with the site’s other technology
  • contact our sales team






  • on site/remotely
  • annual inspections and maintenances
  • spare parts service
  • control measurements
  • possible additional services for contract clients