Quality and Environmental Policy of Easy LED Oy

The success and competitiveness of Easy LED is based on high quality and environmental responsibility in both business operations and products. Our Quality and Environmental System and its agreed metrics guide our operations following the principle of continuous improvement.

Key elements of our Quality and Environmental Policy

  1. We never compromise product safety for any reason. We always follow the rules and regulations.
  2. High efficiency, flawlessness, reliability and user-friendliness of our products are the base of customer satisfaction.
  3. In customer service, we emphasize on-time delivery, customer feedback and high quality lighting design.
  4. We are reliable luminaire vendor. We manufacture and design environmentally friendly products with long lifecycle. Product quality is ensured by systematic testing and continuous improvements. We expect the same from our co-operation partners.
  5. We commit to follow environment legislation, and continuously develop our operations to improve the level of environmental protection and to minimize harmful environmental effects.

Commitment of management and personnel to Quality and Environmental Policy, and adopting Quality and Environmental practices as part of everyday work are supported through regular reviews, internal audits and open discussion.