Canopies and walls

Areas that are lit from lower down with lower lighting power. Luminaire brackets and frames are available to support varying ways of attaching and recessing.

Area lighting

In the lighting of wide outdoor areas, highly efficient Easy LED floodlights situated in masts or walls of buildings are typically used. Expert lighting design and tailored control systems save energy and minimise glare.


Pro+ RR®

Energy efficient and durable canopy light Easy LED PRO+ RR -canopy light is ideal for many different structures. ...

Pro+ Via®

Top light for underpasses PRO+ Via -luminaires are designed for use as a ceiling fixture in e.g. underpasses, ...

Pro Flow®

Intelligent led luminaire for road, street and area lighting PRO Flow is a brand new Easy LED luminaire ...


Easy LED PRO+ Series are designed in close co-operation with our customers. The luminaires can be used for ...


Efficient general luminaire Easy LED - PICA is an energy efficient and durable general luminaire for many applications. ...

Salo Railway Station

Place: Salo
Installation height: 3 – 5 m
Lx: 50 – 100 lx
CRI: 72
CCT: 4000 K
Luminaires: PRO+ RR
Installation year: 2015