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Efficient general luminaire

Easy LED – PICA is an energy efficient and durable general luminaire for many applications. It’s low flicker index ensures excellent lighting for all working conditions.

Easy LED – PICA is easy and quick to install. It can be mounted directly on the ceiling or rail. Versatile options of spring clips available.

Thanks to its versatility, PICA is ideally suited for energy and cost effective lighting of warehouses, industrial halls, logistics centers, offices and public spaces.

The products are designed and manufactured in Finland and have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag and Design from Finland certificates.

kuva11 3linssiä

Series and variants

Model Luminous flux (lm) Power consumption (W) Lifetime DALI (h) Temperature range(°C) Weight (kg) Control
PICA® 1-40 7 300 41 >100 000 -25°C ...+55°C 2,9 DALI/on-off
PICA® 1-80 13 300 81 >100 000 -25°C ...+50°C 2,9 DALI/on-off
PICA® 2-100 19 100 105 100 000 -25°C ...+45°C 3,1 DALI/on-off
PICA® 2-150 24 800 149 >100 000 -25°C ...+40°C 3,1 DALI/on-off
PICA® 3-200 33 700 198 60 000 -25°C ...+35°C 3,5 DALI/on-off

PICA® luminaire data

Power: 41 W – 198 W
Light output: 7300 lm – 33 700 lm (Luminous flux for 840, dependent on choice of optical solution)
Optics: Tough and stable PMMA plastic.
IP class: IP43
Temperature range: Designed for ambient temperatures of -25…+55°C (non-condensing) depending on the model

Control: DALI available.
Mains voltage: 230 VAC (operation voltage range: 198…264 VAC, 176…280 VDC)
Frequency: 50…60 Hz
Power factor: 0,98
Surge protection: 2 kV L-GND / N-GND, 1kV L-N (IEC 61000-4-5)

Guarantee: 5 years

PICA® References

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