Easy Magic

Lighting solution for uniform and pleasant outdoor lighting. The masts of the lighting area are usually located near the sidelines of the field and require a wired or wireless connection. The drivers are located on the mast or at the base of the mast, either on brackets or in driver cabinets. Lighting design is based on the guidelines set by the users/sports associations and considers safety aspects and demands set by televised events.


The system is controlled by a pushbutton, which is programmed to turn on the lighting for a set time period. The lighting can also be turned off using timed step dimming. The lights can be brightened again by the push of the button. The masts are located at a maximum distance of 80 m from each other. The complete delivery also includes driver cabinets, mast cables and other supplies, if needed.


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Tapanila sports field

Main usage: football
Place: Helsinki
Installation height: 18 m
Lx: 100
CRI: 70
CCT: 5000
Flicker Free: yes
Luminaires BUBO B1G 28 pcs.
Installation year:  2019