Pro+ RR

Energy efficient and durable canopy light

Easy LED PRO+ RR -canopy light is ideal for many different structures. It can be installed for doorways, building canopies and bus or rail traffic platforms. Durable PRO+ RR is designed for most demanding environments. It is built in a tough stainless steel installation frame and lenses are protected with polycarbonate plate.

Quick and easy installation

Compact PRO+ RR luminaire is available in both surface and recessed models and suits well for retrofitting into existing mountings and mounting holes.

Easy LED -luminaires are designed and made in Finland and have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag and Design from Finland certificates.


Series and variants

ModelLuminous Flux (lm)Power Consumption (W)Maintenence free operating life (h) (L95, C10)Temperature range (°C)Total weight (kg)DALI addressesLuminaire dimming range (%)
PRO+ RR P 15W2 12015100 000-40…+405,1134% - 100%
PRO+ RR P 23W3 34023100 000-40…+355,1122% - 100%
PRO+ RR P 30W4 2803075 000-40…+305,1117% - 100%
PRO+ RR P 41W5 5204150 000-40…+255,1113% - 100%
PRO+ RR U 15W2 12015100 000-40…+406,1134% - 100%
PRO+ RR U 23W3 34023100 000-40…+356,1122% - 100%
PRO+ RR U 30W4 2803075 000-40…+306,1117% - 100%
PRO+ RR U 41W5 5204150 000-40…+256,1113% - 100%

U 15W, U 23W, U 30W and U41W
P 15W, P 23W, P 30W and P 41W

Optics: Optimized, shockproof and UV protected Easy LED polycarbonate optics, several light distribution options.
Protection rating: Driver & led module IP66
Control: Integrated DALI. CLO, MainsDIM and Kaamos available

Input voltage: 230 VAC (operation voltage range 170…264 VAC)
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
Surge protection: 10 kV L-GND, N-GND (EN 61000-4-5), 6 kV L-N (EN 61547)
Thermal protection: Automatic thermal protection with output current dimming
Other values: see the data from the table ‘series and variants’ above

Pro+ RR® references

Salo Railway Station

Place: Salo
Installation height: 3 – 5 m
Lx: 50 – 100 lx
CRI: 72
CCT: 4000 K
Luminaires: PRO+ RR
Installation year: 2015