BUBO lighting system is designed for large area illumination. Our biggest and brightest luminaires are available in one, two or three module systems and offer unbeateble light efficacy. This makes BUBO the right choice for stadions and areas, ports, storage fields, airports and cranes.


Easy LED ARA® is an energy-efficient floodlight for lighting large areas. ARA® is extremely efficient for outdoor lighting and suits well for sport arenas, parking lots and industrial areas. It is a cost-effective replacement for traditional high power metal halide floodlights.


Efficient general luminaire Easy LED – PICA is an energy efficient and durable general luminaire…

Pro Flow®

PRO Flow is a brand new Easy LED luminaire that suits all kinds of environments from roads to highways. The clean Scandinavian design, die-cast aluminum body, self-cleaning cooling system and durable materials assure long lifetime reliability. The familiar and efficient Easy LED road and area optics ensure that PRO Flow is suitable for all kinds of environments.

Pro+ RR®

Easy LED PRO+ RR -canopy light is ideal for many different structures. It can be installed for doorways, building canopies and bus or rail traffic platforms. Durable PRO+ RR is designed for most demanding environments.

Pro+ Via®

PRO+ Via – luminaires are designed for use as a ceiling fixture in e.g. underpasses, bridge structures as well as in building canopies. The luminaires are available in both recessed (PRO+ Via U) or surface (PRO+ Via P) models.


For the first time in the world LED lights produce totally flicker-free light – brought to you by Easy LED Oy! Easy LED PRO+ HD-FF luminaires are a perfect choice especially for sport arenas where the HD-FF light improves the safety and amenity of the space and allows shooting Ultra-Slow Motion footage up to 100 000 FPS.


Easy LED PRO+ Series are designed in close co-operation with our customers. The luminaires can be used for all types of high ceiling areas. The luminaires can be fitted with various lenses to direct the light to specific spots or to general areas as needed.


The Saloa from Easy LED Oy is an efficient and economical luminaire that can be installed nearly everywhere. Saloa is especially well-suited for industry, offices, retail spaces and parking halls. It can be used to replace old fluorescent tube luminaires.