Pro+ Via®

Top light for underpasses

PRO+ Via -luminaires are designed for use as a ceiling fixture in e.g. underpasses, bridge structures as well as in building canopies. The luminaires are available in both recessed (PRO+ Via U) or surface (PRO+ Via P) models.

Energy efficient PRO+ Via -luminaires ensure even and pleasant lighting, long lifespan and protection against vandalism. Both models have interchangeable, anti-graffiti coated polycarbonate cover.

PRO+ Via -luminaires coupled with PRO Flow product family offering will enable complete and consistent look and quality of light for all types of roads and outdoor areas.

Easy LED -luminaires are designed and made in Finland and have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag and Design from Finland certificates.


Series and variants

ModelLuminous Flux (lm)Power Consumption (W)Maintenence free operating life (h) (L95, C10)Temperature range (°C)Total weight (kg)DALI addressesLuminaire dimming range (%)
PRO+ VIA P 15W1 86015100 000-40…+404,1134% - 100%
PRO+ VIA P 23W2 94023100 000-40…+354,1122% - 100%
PRO+ VIA P 30W3 7603075 000-40…+304,1117% - 100%
PRO+ VIA P 41W4 8504150 000-40…+254,1113% - 100%
PRO+ VIA U 15W1 86015100 000-40…+504,0134% - 100%
PRO+ VIA U 23W2 97023100 000-40…+504,0122% - 100%
PRO+ VIA U 30W3 85030100 000-40…+454,0117% - 100%
PRO+ VIA U 41W5 02041100 000-40…+404,0113% - 100%

Input frequency: 50…60 Hz
Surge protection: 10 kV L-GND, N-GND (EN 61000-4-5), 6kV–L-N (EN 61547)
Thermal protection: Inbuilt reversible thermal protection with output current dimming

Pro+ Via® References

Hupakonkorpi underpass

Place: Tampere
Installation height: 3,5 m
CRI: 72
CCT: 4000K
Luminaires: PRO+ Via U
Installation year: 2015