Impact protection and louvres

Product CodeImageProduct descriptionCompatibility
EL11315Impact protection (puck protection).PRO+ 500, PRO+ 4X, PRO+ 4Xi,
EL11316Impact protection (puck protection).PRO+ 6X, PRO+ 6Xi
EL11181Impact protection (puck protection).PRO+ 8X, PRO+ 8Xi
EL11049Anti-glare visor.PRO+ 500, PRO+ 4X, PRO+ 4Xi,
EL11197Anti-glare visor.PRO+ 6X, PRO+ 6Xi
EL11206Anti-glare visor.PRO+ 8X, PRO+ 8Xi
SA00826Anti-glare visor, front or rear. 1 pc.PRO Flow S, PRO Flow M
Anti-glare visor, side. 1 pc.PRO Flow S
BA2001BA BL Anti-glare visorBubo 2.0
BA2002BA BL 20 Anti-glare visorBubo 2.0
BA2003BA BL UGR frameBubo 2.0
BA2022BA RGB Snoot full narrowBubo PARTY
BA2023BA RGB Snoot full mediumBubo PARTY
BA2024BA RGB Snoot half narrowBubo PARTY
BA2025BA RGB Snoot half mediumBubo PARTY
BA2032BA B1(G) Area lighting visor 7°BUBO 2.0
BA2033BA B2 Area light limiting visor 7°BUBO 2.0
BA2034BA B3 Area Light limiting vizor 7°BUBO 2.0
BA2035BA B1(G) Adjustable Light blocker 2 direction (Partly compatible with B2 & B2)BUBO 2.0

Light output limiting panel rearARA
SA01116Light output limiting panel front 15°ARA