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Easy LED Oy – Clearly the Best

Easy LED is a Finnish company specialising in the design, manufacture and implementation of LED lighting systems. Easy LED was founded already in 2006 and we are the pioneering lighting company in Finland.  We shine where the goal is to provide long-lasting, uniform and pleasant lighting, with intelligent control, if needed. Below is a list of our typical application areas.

  • Area lighting sites usually have high masts or walls. We offer expert lighting and control system design, which utilises our high-quality and efficient floodlights and optics suitable to the site. Lighting control on larger sites, such as ports, is wireless.
  • Our street and road luminaires fulfil the highest quality and functionality requirements and they are compatible with most common control systems. Our product range covers all needs from pedestrian routes and underpasses to multi-lane highways.
  • When it comes to industrial lighting, the most important features are reliability and long life of the luminaires in demanding conditions as well as a sufficient and pleasant light that enhances productivity. We deliver lighting systems to the most demanding sites, such as seawater aquariums, agriculture, sewage treatment plants as well as dusty and hot production facilities. The industrial luminaires of our PRO series have been designed for tough professional use. The model has been on the market since 2009; only the LEDs and the electronics have been regularly updated to the latest technology. The first installations are still shining after a decade of use. Intelligent lighting control brings in additional savings and ease of use to production facilities. Control can be wired or wireless.
  • In sports lighting we are top of the league. We have the knowhow and capacity to supply sports sites with turnkey lighting systems that meet the highest standards. Systems can be based on e.g. DALI or DMX protocols and can be wired or wireless. We can ensure carefree and fast upkeep services through a secure remote connection. Our designers are aware of the lighting requirements and needs of different sports and we have already implemented our systems in significant sites across Europe. Already in 2013, we installed our lighting system in the first European elite league ice rink in Helsinki and now our lighting solutions are also used in e.g. Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena, a Volleyball Bundesliga arena in Germany, Estonian ice, tennis and basketball arenas as well as several football fields and sports halls. See our references for more information.

In addition to the afore mentioned sites, our products and control solutions can widely be applied to various spaces, such as schools, shops, supermarkets and residential yards.

Our efficient and ecological Easy LED products are manufactured in Salo, Finland and they have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol as well as the Design from Finland mark.

Our company is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We are a member of the Finnfoam group.