City of Turku, Raunistula drive

Place: Turku
Installation height: car lanes 10,5 m, cycle paths 7,5 m
Street type: Four lane road & cycle ways on both sides
CRI: 70
CCT: 4000 K
Control: on/off
Luminaires: Customer made solution for Schreder PQ 3S/450 mm and Schreder PQ 3S/380mm multi-metal luminaires that were updated to LED technology
Installation year: 2021

City of Turku

Place: Turku
Installation height: 6 – 10 m
Street type: City center
CRI: >72
CCT: 4000 K
Control: 1 – 10V, DALI
Luminaires: PRO Wave series
Installation year: 2013 & 2014

Anttila Salo Parking Hall

Place: Salo

Turku Ringway

Place: Turku
Installation height: 8m,10m,12m and 15m
Lux: Ramps classes M3 and M4, Median Strip class M3b
Cycle Path: P4
CRI: >70
CCT: 4000K
Products: PRO Flow S, PRO Flow M and PRO Flow L
Installation Year: 2020


Place: Kirkkonummi


Place: Pori

IsoKarhu Parking Lot

Place: Pori

Hupakonkorpi underpass

Place: Tampere
Installation height: 3,5 m
CRI: 72
CCT: 4000K
Luminaires: PRO+ Via U
Installation year: 2015