Easy Yard

Lighting solution for uniform and pleasant outdoor lighting for large areas. The masts of the lighting area are usually located far from each other and require a wireless connection. In these cases, it is very common to situate the drivers at the base of the mast. Lighting design is based on the guidelines set by the users/associations and considers safety aspects.


The system is controlled by a local control unit or remote mobile control. The control can be wired or wireless. The masts are located at a maximum distance of 100 m from each other in the wireless version. The complete delivery includes driver cabinets, mast cables and other supplies. If necessary, we can also deliver masts and a UPS system.


Port of Oulu

Place: Oulu
Installation height: 30 m
Lx: 30 lx
CRI: 72 
CCT: 5000K
Flicker Free: yes
Control: on/off
Luminaires BUBO B2 about  100 pcs.
Installation year:  2019